3 Reasons Why Memberships Fail

  • Are you giving away too much?
  • Is your product or service too easily available?
  • Are you giving them what they need rather than what they want?

Today's video looks at the 3 mistakes people make when starting a membership, and the 3 reasons why memberships fail.

If you already have a membership and would like to scale it, or would like to launch a membership, join me for my Membership Launch Accelerator program starting October 5th! 

More details here: www.theglobalpractitioners.com 

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Can You Make More by Promoting Less?


Promoting is a bit like asking someone to marry you; have you even gone on a first date yet? 

How many of you are sick of being promoted to? 

Commerce is where you engage with your clients, where you are interested in them and how you can be a contribution by asking questions like, "Who can I engage with?  How can I be interested and not interesting?"  It means you engage with people because you actually want to know.  It creates a different energy.

Watch this video for more on that difference. 

And, if you would like to dive in even deeper, Lauren has two free masterclasses coming up this week, Going Beyond Back to Back Clients, and/or How to Make More Money by Promoting Less.  

Register here: www.nonmommom.com/masterclass 

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Do You Have Busy-ness or Business?


What if you could stop doing to prove and start doing to create?

Your life is your business.  What if it could be more of a creation?  Do you even know what your target is?  Watch this video for more on stopping the do, do, doing that is getting you nowhere, and including your Being more to create successes.

Note:  For a deeper dive into streamlining your business, focusing your efforts and creating a greater result with less work, join me on my FREE masterclass, Going Beyond Back to Back Clients.  Register here.

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When and What to Give Away for Free


How do you know when you are giving away too much or too little of your content for free?

There is no right answer, just different opinions.  What if it was about knowing when to make it free or charge?   

Watch this video to find out the difference between when free content works and when it doesn't.

As mentioned on the video, you can get my free 5 step “Quick Start”  Guide for practitioners pdf,  Learn How To Create & Sell What You Know Online, here: https://www.nonmommom.com/guide 

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You. Out of Control?


Are you controlled by other people, or by your own limitations in life? 

This video looks at practical ways to get over distraction and control, giving you freedom to choose what works for you.

If you would like even greater freedom and the ability to be out of control, meaning no one and nothing has control over you, not even you and your limitations, I am facilitating a 2 week program, Distractor Implant Extraction.  For more details, visit: nonmommom.com/extraction

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I Didn't Create That, It Just Happened To Me


Would you like to be the powerful creator of your life, or are you happy being at the effect of everything around you? 

When you blame others or judge yourself or the situation, you are putting the power to create things outside of you. 

Watch this video to claim and own the powerful creator that you actually are, and use it to you advantage.  Start creating from a place of empowerment, and create the life and business you truly desire.

Go even further beyond blame and judgment with my Distractor Implant Extraction 2 week program.  More details here: nonmommom.com/extraction

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Getting Out of Your Head


Do you get stuck trying to figure things out with your head?  As Dr. Dain Heer, co-creator of Access Consciousness says, "The mind is a dangerous thing, waste it." 

 Awareness goes beyond your head. 

Watch this video for how to get out of your head and go with your awareness.  

And if you want more tools and tips for creating your life through awareness, I am facilitating The Foundation class, 26-31 August.  More details here: https://www.nonmommom.com/foundation

Anything can change.  Anything is possible.  Are you willing to choose it? 


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What Are You Trying to Prove?


You only prove something because you secretly believe the opposite is true.

For example, are you trying to prove you deserve the amount of money you are making in your job or business by working long hours or over delivering in an area? Or, are you offering free things in your business to prove you are not doing it for the money?

The thing is, when you give up proving you are good, nobody questions it.  Whereas, if you are trying to hide something you secretly think you are, people will pick up on something not being quite right here and react accordingly.

Proving comes from either self-judgment or judgment from others.  If you are reacting and resisting or aligning and agreeing to judgment, it is controlling you.  What if you could instead function from choice?

Watch this video for more, and check out my 5 Day Bootcamp: overcomejudgment.com, starting August 16th

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Cultivating a Generosity of Spirit


How much generosity of spirit can you choose today? 

Generosity of spirit is about creating a different energy in your life; being happy for others and happy for yourself. When you function from generosity of spirit, it invites more into your world, including money.  When you choose more, it creates more, but when you judge what others are creating, you are doing competition and it stops you from receiving and stops the possibilities available to you.

If someone is creating something, it opens a door for you to do the same.  Watch this video for questions you can ask yourself from a generosity of spirit when someone else has created something you desire too.

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Change Your Money Mindset Today


What is your current experience with money?  Do you have way more than you can imagine, or do you have a lack with money? 

Your point of view creates your reality.  Likewise, the energy that you be around money creates the experience you have with money.   If you don't like your current money situation, knowing that it is a result of your points of view about money allows you to change it, because, you will prove yourself right no matter what point of view you have about money.  Start choosing in the direction that you would like to see more of, and that will open up for you.

Watch this video to change the energy that you have around money.  

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