The 4 Sources for Creation


Have you ever considered adding something in your lives or making a change? Do you realize you have choice, have you considered all the possibilities and asked lots of questions about the contribution of it? It's not a black and white universe where there is only two choices.  

Watch this video for the 4 sources of creation - question, choice, possibility and contribution and how it applies to business; especially when adding to or making a change.

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Are You Creating For You or Your Audience?


Watch this video for the difference between having massive audiences participating in your classes or watching or reading your online content, and only hearing crickets because you have no audience.

It's about literally asking your audience what it is they want, and then delivering it to them.

For a free guide to online business visit:

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The One Step to Take Today


 It is possible to create an online business for people in hands-on treatment industries like beauty therapy, massage, alternative health practices, etc.

What is one action step you can take today to create an online business from scratch, or grow your existing online business?

[As mentioned in the video:  FREE training - 3 Secrets to Make a Living Outside the Treatment Room.  More details here:]

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How Do You Eat An Elephant?


The answer, of course, is one bite at a time!

And that’s the same strategy that works best when starting, and scaling, your online business....

Chomp chomp chomp

Watch this video to find out the one point of view you can change to eliminate all doubt, how you can cut through the noise of competition and the 80/20 rule for elegance in your business - getting the greatest result with the least amount of effort.

To go more in depth, join my FREE Masterclass.  More details here:

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Doing Whatever It Takes Vs What Makes You Happy


Money follows joy but it doesn't mean you stop doing what you don't find fun, nor to only do that which is fun for you.  It's not an either or universe.  It can be both.  Sometimes, doing whatever it takes is what brings you to the place that will bring you to more joy.

Watch this video for some questions and tools for ease with doing whatever it takes when required.

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Choosing for Awareness in Business


If you do what you have been told is the 'right' way in business and it doesn't work, you end up judging yourself "I must have done it wrong, " or "I am wrong."  When you choose for awareness, there is no right or wrong.  You get the awareness of what your choice creates either way, which brings you out of right or wrong.  What choices can you make for your business when you are no longer functioning from right or wrong? 

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The Number 1 Mistake People Make That Is Killing Their Business


Watch this video to find out about the number 1 mistake people make in their business, that may be turning them away and causing them to leave.  And, it is one that may seem counter intuitive!!  Are you actually doing this?

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Create the Judgement that Creates More for YOU


Today's video is so much fun!

What if you started creating the judgments that create more for you and receive all the judgments people project at you, no matter what they are?

People are going to judge anyway. Watch this video to find out how to make judgment create more for you and your business.

I also introduce my 6 Figure Sales Strategy Accelerator. Watch this webinar to find out more:

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Get it Done or Get it Done Perfect?


What's going to create more? Get it done, or get it done perfect?

This video is for you if you put things off because you want them to be perfect first. There is no 'perfect'; everything can always get better. So, just get it done! You have amazing content - now just get it out there!

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What Can Transform in YOUR Business in a Week?


Are you willing to add different energies to your business or is your point of view keeping you stuck in someway?  Are you willing to be the one who takes chances and experiments; to be on the creative edge, looking at both the current times and the trends in your business?

In this video, Lauren Marie asks you to look at what ways can you change your business that would allow your business to transform in a week, and allow your business to grow.  If you have been doing your business the same way for years, what possibilities are now available to you that you haven't considered before?  You need to be willing to grow and change your business to stay current now and in the future.

NB: If you are working with people in a hands-on practice,  take the non-mom mom 5-day challenge to take that business online and have at least one product set up to create sales by the end of the week!

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