You Create Amazing Content... Now What?


Are you struggling to know what to do with all your amazing content? What platform do you use? What's the right way to use it? There's so much conflicting advice!

If you want some key strategies that you can start using right now to amplify your efforts and start leveraging it to get more bang for your buck, watch this video. You'll gain more clarity and an easy content strategy that you can start implementing right away.

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Are You a Serial Entrepreneur?

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2020

Do you have shiny new object syndrome with your business(es)?  Where you move from business to business because you love the creative and generative start up energy but don't like the ongoing maintenance?  What if that wasn't wrong?  Rather than kill your business when you desire to move on to something new, what if there were other possibilities for you to move on and still keep your existing business(es)?  Watch for my top tips to allow serial entrepreneurs to prosper and grow.

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3 Habits to Adopt Now (to juggle family & business)


What if the push to create 'balance' between business and family life was a lie? What if they weren't actually separate at all? And, what if you already had everything to create your business and family with ease and success?

In this video, I share the 3 habits that I have developed as a non-mom mom in business, to create my life in a way that works for me, my business and my family.

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Truths with Lies Attached that Stick You in Business


Today I’m showing you how to spot the lies that keep your business from growing.  This is also a great skill to have in life!

You know when something is true for you; your world lights up. You also know when someone lies to you; it has that energy of heaviness.  Spotting truths with lies attached can be trickier.

Here’s an example for all you entrepreneurs out there. Do you ever say: "No one can do things like me...?"  This is partly true. You are unique in the world, there is no one else like you. It’s also partly a lie. Say what? Well, are there people who can do parts of your business better than you? Or do you really have to do everything by yourself?

Once you spot the lie, asking a question will lead you to a greater possibility. Such as asking: "Who can I hire who is greater than me at...accounts, systems, marketing etc?"

When you have more free time and energy to do what you’re great at, your business will grow and grow!

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Are You Making It About The Money?


Are the decisions you make in your business all about the money? Or do you look at the bigger picture?

Wait a minute…isn’t business supposed to be about money?

Yes, and when you make every single decision based on what you think you can afford it diminishes the future.

Years ago, I decided I couldn’t afford childcare for my twin babies. Working from home and caring for two babies left me with little energy to devote to my business. When I changed my point of view and hired a baby-sitter for a few hours, it allowed me to work more, grow my business and earn more money.

For any decision you’re making ask yourself, what will this choice create?

This doesn’t mean you ignore money. Far from it. You’ve got to be really clear about how much you’re earning and what it costs to run your life and your business.

Then, make choices that will create a greater future for you, your life and your business.

Look at the bigger picture and ask for the money...

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3 Ways to Scale Your Online Business!


Have you started creating revenue streams for your business that are coming in "online?" If so... now it's time to go bigger!

Here are 3 Ways to Scale Your Online Business!

1. Increase reach / grow audience
-consistent content
- Podcast/ video show or blog

2. Grow your team - hire VA or train an intern
- write everything you do each day & ask could someone else be doing this?
- start delegating the tasks that are not critical for you to be doing to your intern or VA

3. Position yourself as an expert.
- use media, get featured in prominent news outlet in your field or niche
- Go local - Sunshine Coast daily, Denver holistic health
- Go bigger - Forbes
- Use stories of change / testimonials to have other people tell in their words what change you’ve made

For a deeper dive into this whole online business world check out my FREE 2-hr workshop here:

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6 Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary as a Successful Entrepreneur

blog Jan 15, 2020
Are you aware of the words you use and the energy that creates in your life?
Be aware when you hear yourself using any of these words what you are creating or destroying in your business 
  •  Leads you around in a circle
  • Try to figure out WHY something worked or didn’t work - it just did or didn't
  • There is no try, do or don’t do 
  • Recognise when some says they will try to do something that they have no intention of doing it
  • You are an infinite being, you have no need. Every need you think you have is an invention, not a reality
  •     Want means to LACK. If you want something it means you don’t have it, you won’t have it, you’re not creating by wanting, you’re maintaining the lack that you have currently in your life. DESIRE not want
  • Everything after the but negates what you just said before. I’d like to hire staff BUT, I’d like to do a...
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Will 2020 be YOUR year?

blog Jan 11, 2020

I have a VERY important question to ask you. We are walking into a brand new DECADE together, so I want to know… is 2020 going to be YOUR year?

Here’s the thing about business (& life): you’ll never ‘have the time’ unless you make it 

No one else is going to make you a priority if you don't!

Let's set some targets for your family, your business, and your body for 2020 together ... right now! 

Watch this quick video, jump into the comments, and let's hold each other accountable. I can't wait for this new year together!

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Is Your Long-Game Strategy Aligned with Your New Year's Targets?

Uncategorized Jan 11, 2020

How long have you been waiting to finally have the confidence to go “all in” with your business?

6 months, a year, more?! 

It took me a while to get started, too.

I was scared I’d fail! 

And guess what, I pretty much did. 

My first business was an epic flop.

BUT I stuck with it, changed up my model completely, and even though I've had twins and moved across the world since then, I've discovered some real success and happiness along the way.

It take both long game and short game strategy! Are yours aligned with the targets you're setting this year?

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What's the Gift of Working from Home?

blog Dec 24, 2019

When I found out I was pregnant with twins I didn’t know how I would support them, what it would be like to have TWO infants and if I’d even be able to work! 

I made a commitment to myself to create an extra chunk, working online, before they were born. I knew that would buy me 3 months time in case I couldn’t work at all.

Well, I did it and I had the confidence that I could do it again, and greater, and there was no turning back.

The twins are now 4-years old and I’ve grown my at-home-business more than 5X from what I was earning before they were born.

Wish you could have a lifestyle that affords you the freedom to work online from anywhere? 

The flexibility to stay home with your kids and the ability to travel or have luxuries in your life...

What’s the gift of working from home ... for you? 


The Wrinkle-Free START UP guide to Creating an Online Business and Making Money From Home

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